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The StartOnline Business Website
The StartOnline business website is designed to provide you with a fast, easy and affordable way to start doing business online today.

And, with StartOnline, you get the knowledge and experience of the oldest major website design company in Baton Rouge (est. January, 1996).

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 The StartOnline Website
 Fast, Easy, Affordable
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StartOnline Now!

Every StartOnline website includes:
  • 5 custom designed pages1

  • Custom graphic page headers and buttons

  • Up to 15 of your images

  • Unlimited text

  • Inquiry/feedback form (on contact page)

  • Form submission "thank you" page

  • Contact information and e-mail links

  • Location map(s)

  • Unlimited keywords and site description built in

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization2

  • FREE Internet domain name (address) search

  • "At cost" domain registration (with website)
1 additional pages or more complex websites are also available
2 additional SEO fee



Each StartOnline website is custom designed specifically for your business.

These pages from the StartOnline website merely illustrate the purpose and possible use of each page. Any of the pages can be renamed or further customized to meet your specific needs.

The Home Page                   
Welcomes visitors to your website.

The Products Page
Detailed information and photos of the products you sell.

The Contact Page                
Contact information, including your address, telephone and
fax numbers, days and hours
of operation, location map, e-mail link and a fill-in inquiry
and feedback form.

The About Page                    
Information and photos about you and your business.

The Services Page            
Detailed information and photos of the services you provide.

Additional pages or more complex websites are also available. Please ask us about these.



Our written proposal, including an outline of your website and the guaranteed total cost, will be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to you shortly after we discusss your site.

Your domain can be registered and your website completed for you to preview within 14 days after we receive the site content from you.

Our easy, three-step design process:

From our written outline of your website, it's easy for you to gather the content of your site;
Give us your text, letterhead, brochures, literature and any other graphics or printed material you have; and

We do the rest!

We keep our website packages affordable so you can StartOnline NOW.

And, starting with a moderate size website isn't a problem. Even if you want to expand your website later, your investment isn't wasted. Just maintain the site design and add new pages. It's that simple!

Call us now so we can go over your website needs with you, and give you an affordable design quote.

From start to finish, your custom designed StartOnline website is fast, easy and affordable.

Please contact us to receive a brochure or to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss your web plans.



The fastest growing and most profitable part of the Web are e-commerce "storefronts".

With online, secure transactions, any size business can effectively compete and gain an increasing share of the huge online market.

Some of the advantages of an e-commerce website are:

  • credit card acceptance / real-time authorization

  • secure payment

  • increase sales - from 30% to 100%

  • customer impulse buying

  • level the playing field with competitors

  • enhance your website's credibility

  • make sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • increase customer loyalty

  • customer convenience

  • expand your market - local and worldwide sales

With our interactive product catalog, "shopping basket" (including checkout) and "real-time" payment processing, your complete online store will provide your customers with an easy, pleasant shopping experience.

Every StartOnline storefront includes:

  • Up to 15 individual products1

  • Easy product browsing by categories and items

  • Product "thumbnail" and larger images for each item

  • Complete product description, price, quantity

  • Shopping basket (add, delete, quantity)

  • Secure order processing

  • Credit card "real-time" payment / authorization2

  • Complete Product Listing

  • Product Keyword Search

  • E-mail order notification

  • Catalog, basket and checkout buttons on every page

  • Search the site by product name or description

  • Link to catalog from any web page

  • Multiple sales tax and shipping options

  • Online password protected store administration

  • Seamless integration into a new or present website
1 additional products can be added without cost by owner or by StartOnline for a fee.
2 requires credit card merchant account (not included).

(Additional features such as upselling based on basket contents, multiple fulfillment options and others are also available.)

From initial consultation to your Grand Opening, you can be doing business online in about 30 to 60 days.

Doing business online has never been easier or more affordable.

Like every StartOnline website, our storefront package is fast, easy and affordable. Contact us now and we'll show you how.



An Internet domain (like is your address on the Web.

Having your own domain is important, because your website address is your identity on the Web. This also allows you to keep the same address and print it on your business cards and literature, even if you later change your Internet service provider or website host.

And, a domain e-mail address tells your present and potential customers that you are looking to the future and that you're serious about doing business in the online marketplace.

In helping you get the most "bang for your buck", StartOnline offers you these free or "at cost" services.

  • FREE Domain Address Search

    Without charge or obligation, we will search the Internet domain database for you to determine if your choice of domain name is available.

    We can also help you choose a domain by suggesting names which identify your business and are memorable and easy to spell.

    Please contact us and let us know the domain name(s) you're interested in. We'll send you the result of our search within one day.

    And, remember, this service is FREE!

  • "At Cost" Domain Registration

    With your StartOnline website, we'll register your domain for you and you pay only the "at cost" domain registration fee of $9.00.

    Even if you haven't yet purchased a StartOnline website, we can register your domain for you at our low cost standard fee of $35 (which includes the $9.00 registration fee). And, we'll give you a $26.00 credit toward your first year hosting, so we can offer all our website clients "at cost" domain registration.


Hosting provides the computer storage for and reliable, high speed access to the files that make up your website. This allows visitors from around the world to access to your website all day, every day.

StartOnline offers affordable website hosting on state-of-the-art web servers using high quality, high speed access lines and advanced server software.1

StartOnline's low-cost website hosting includes:

  • Server space for your entire website2

  • FREE domain e-mail boxes3

  • Unlimited ftp access

  • Fast access into the major Internet backbone

  • Powered by high-performance, industry standard servers

  • 99% uptime

  • Daily tape backup of your data

  • On-site UPS power backup

  • 24-hour monitoring
1 hosting additional to website design fee and payable yearly.
2 subject to server space and bandwidth limitations.
3 an adequate number of e-mail boxes are included with your website hosting.

Even if you don't need a website, or before you get your website, for just $150 per year, you can begin using your domain e-mail NOW!1

1 Domain registration not included. Low cost registration available.

It's important that present and potential customers find you on the Web. So, we offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services (for an additional fee).



We'd like to show you how fast, easy and affordable it can be to put your business on the Web NOW.

Please call us at 702-893-2088 or contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your website plans.

Of course, there's absolutely no cost or obligation for our initial consultation.


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